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Office Hours

Office hours are a tool we’ve created to support and guide founders through the startup jungle - book a 30-minute session with a renowned expert to resolve an issue you haven’t been able to find a solution to. The process is simple: 1. Define a problem 2. Find an expert with the right skillset 3. Book a call. Once the registration has closed, we’ll get back to you with the available time slot and a link for a call.

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Vytautas Kubilius

Country Manager at Google

Business development, marketing, product-market-fit, OKR's, company culture.

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Marvin Liao

Investor & Executive Coach

Fundraising, Growth, building sales team, customer development process, international expansion


Patrick Collins

Founder at Prospect Labs

Helping companies to generate leads from LinkedIn. Helping to scale Startup Sales. Goal setting and forecasts.


Kartik Varma

Managing Director at Techstars

Digital technology and media, investing, business and financial analysis, competitive strategy, risk management, business development and more

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